The Vocational Education Act of B.E.2551 Section 13. stated that “Vocational education institutions are entitled to unify and form a central Institute, under oversight by the Office of Vocational Education Commission. The main objective, thereof, should be to promote a broad collaboration as well as knowledge and resources sharing among institutions.”


Following the said stipulation, the Office of Vocational Education Commission issued a directive on March 9, 2554 (section 13) to create a set of standards to regulate the formation of an Institute of Vocational Education, with the following objectives:

  1. To achieve the most effective and efficient vocational educational system to educate and develop high-quality skilled vocational workers, who will contribute to a robust economy built on world-class innovations and work ethics.
  2. To decentralize down to implementation levels to achieve the utmost quality and efficiency in the process of vocational education administration.
  3. To respond to market demand for high-quality, skilled workers by producing graduates with useful vocational skills and knowledge, along with ability to leverage new technologies while always promoting innovation.
  4. To promote cross-sector cooperation and resources sharing among public and private sectors as well as the general public to help improve the vocational education system.
  5. To implement standard control and quality certification process to comply with international standards.


With the above-stated objectives, the Office of Vocational Education Commission proceeded to assess and select qualified vocational institutions to be included as members of the Institute for Vocational Education. On January 15, 2555 the Office of Vocational Education Commission submitted the resulting proposal for an approval by the government executive office.  And on June 27, 2555 the proposal was passed into law.



For the Bangkok Metropolitan, there are 13 member institutions unified into “Institute of Vocational Education, Bangkok” which is soon be known as “IVEB”. On July 19, 2555, the Vocational Education Commission issued an order appointing Miss Chompunuch Buabangsorn, then director at Chetupon Commercial College, to be executive director at Institute of Vocational Education, Bangkok. On April 30, 2558, the Office of Vocational Education Commission issued an order to move the office of Institute of Vocational Education, Bangkok, from the temporary location at Chetupon Commercial College to the current and permanent location at Rajasitharam Technical College which is at 19 Ekkachai Road, Bangbon, Bangkok 10150, Thailand. On July 21, 2555, the Ministry of Education issued a directive confirming the appointment of Miss Chompunuch Buabangsorn as the director of the Institute of Vocational Education, Bangkok.


Currently, the Institute of Vocational Education, Bangkok consists of 13 member institutions as follows:

  1. Minburi Technical College – 57 Sihaburanukij Rd., Minburi, Bangkok 10510
  2. Kanchanaphisek Technical College Mahanakorn – 73 M.18 Kumklao Rd., Sansab, Minburi,

          Bangkok 10510

  1. Donmuang Technical College – 425 Srongprapa Rd., Donmuang, Bangkok 10210
  2. Dusit Technical College – 76 Soi Ranong 2, Dusit, Bangkok 10300
  3. Rajasittharam Technical College – 19 Soi Ekkachai 116, Ekkachai Rd., Bangbon, Bangkok 10150
  4. Saowabha Vocational College – 331 Banmo Rd., Burapapirom, Bangkok 10200
  5. Thonburi Vocational College – 182 Charansanitwong 13 Rd., Wat Tapla, Bangkok Yai,

          Bangkok 10600

  1. Intarachai Commercial College – 467 Soi Ramkumhang 39, Wangtonglang, Bangkok 10310
  2. Bangna Commercial College – 22 Bangna Trad 1 Rd., Bangna, Bangkok 10260
  3. Chetuphon Commercial College – 126 Prachauthit Rd., Rajaburana, Bangkok 10150
  4. Thonburi Commercial College – 939 Soi Charansanitwong 13, Bangkok Yai, Bangkok 10600
  5. Golden Jubilee Royal Goldsmith College – The Grand Royal Palace, Bangkok 10200; 299/1 M.5, Salaya, Bhuthamonton, Nakornpathom 73170
  6. Kanjanapisek Nongjok Industrial and Community Education College – 66 M.8, Ruampatana Rd., Soi 6, Lampukchee, Nongjog, Bangkok 10530



Institute of Vocational Education, Bangkok, is a regulated governmental entity under the administration of the Office of Vocational Education Commission. It consists of an administrative structure for a standard academic institute, including having director, vice director, director's office, Bureau of Vocational Education Research and Development,  Center for Student Development and Special Activities, Bureau of Vocational Education Strategic Planning and Cooperation.


Institute of Vocational Education, Bangkok aims at producing and developing manpower in specific skills, including skilled workers, technicians, and technologists, as well as to raise the level of vocational education to meet with the needs of the labor market and match international standards, Students develop skills in both theory and practice at both college and the workplaces which work in collaboration.